The Healing Forest-Postponed

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A Siskiyou Seniors field course

Instructors: Nancy Winslow Foster, M.S. and Erin McKinsey, M.S.
Date: Rescheduled date TBA
Location: SFI in Selma, OR
Tuition: $70

Naturalist Certificate Credits: 8 hrs.



Medical research has revealed beneficial immunity-boosting effects of forest walking, including inhalation of mycobacterium from the soil and phytonicides from tree bark compounds. We’ll explore the natural history of our relationship to nature as we walk through the SFI forest and meditate as we walk. The guided trip will be based on the practice of Shinrin-Yoku, roughly translated as “forest bathing.” Our intention is to engage all our senses in the present moment while we absorb the forest’s beauty. A trailside tea ceremony will complete the morning. After lunch, we’ll spend time in the SFI kitchen learning to make healing tinctures from tree bark.

Pre-course letter with schedule and supply list.