Week 7: August 9- August 12

Week 7: August 9- August 12

Time: 9am-4pm

*Every student will need an individual registration, they cannot be combined.


Week 7: August 9- August 12, 9am-4pm

For students entering grades 5-7 in Fall 2021.

Join us for our Steam & Wildcraft day camp! What is steam? Steam stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math! Our 4 day sessions will engage our students in science, wildcraft, art, and mini-engineering/inquiry challenges! Each week we’ll serve up to 25 students and provide childcare, breakfast, and lunch!

Our programming will integrate the following content: Watershed & salmon ecology, Siskiyou flora & fauna Forests, Fire & climate ecology, Serpentine Geobotany, Mentorship. Child passions: music, games, shapeshifting/sneaking,  storytelling & exploration Nature journaling and art student science inquiry House system wildcraft: archery, wayfinding, survival skills, & whittling.

You can register for weeks 1-9 of programming, based on calendar eligibility (25 spaces per week).
Camps are on a sliding scale fee per week/per student. Each student must register separately. Select an amount you are able to pay: $10-40.
Materials such as packing list, pick-up & drop-off instructions, health forms, and waivers will be sent to the email provided and need to be brought on the first day of programming.
Every student needs an individual registration, they cannot be combined.