Mud Springs and Flattop: Mary Paetzel’s Butterfly Bog CANCELLED

Mariposa Copper artwork by Mary Paetzel (from the Green Book)

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Instructor: Lee Webb, M.S.
Date: Saturday, June 27, 2020
Location: Meet at SFI in Selma, OR
Tuition: $70; Local scholarships available.

Naturalist Certificate Credits: 8 hrs.



Cancelled due to Covid-19. Please stay tuned for future programming.

In honor of the late Siskiyou naturalist Mary Paetzel’s 100th birthday, we’ll visit one of the locations she loved the most, a Darlingtonia fen at Mud Springs. Here, Mary discovered the Siskiyou subspecies of the Mariposa copper butterfly that now bears her name. We’ll explore and botanize the Mud Springs– Flattop area with Lee Webb, talk about Mary’s observations of the natural world in the Siskiyous and read from some of her works.