Forest Fragments: Drawing Native Plants in an Ethnobotanical Sketchbook CANCELLED

Art by Dorota Haber-Lehigh

Instructor: Dorota Haber-Lehigh, M.A.
Location: SFI in Selma, OR
Tuition: $140

Naturalist Certificate Credits: 16 hrs.



Cancelled due to Covid-19. Please stay tuned for future programming.

Explore creative ways to draw and learn about native forest plants. Connect with nature through careful observation and study. This workshop will combine techniques for designing and drawing in an ethnobotanical sketchbook: learn about our local native plants and how indigenous peoples utilized them. We’ll begin with loose, meditative sketching exercises, then practice creating a personal sketchbook page that blends sketches, ethnobotanical notes and reflections. Finally, we will create a finished portrait of a selected plant using colored pencils on walnut ink-stained paper.

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