Edible and Medicinal Plants at Pacifica

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Instructors: Erin McKinsey and Lauren Kemple
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2020
Location: Pacifica, Williams, OR
Tuition: $85 (includes materials fee)
Naturalist Certificate Credits: 8 hrs.



This year we shift our wildcrafting workshop to Pacifica where you’ll have the opportunity to expand your foraging skills to include edible and medicinal plants surrounding you. In this class, we’ll study traditional ethnobotanical lore and current trends and research regarding useful plants. You’ll learn both how to identify common local ones and how to sustainably harvest them. You’ll also learn some basic medicine-making techniques, trying your own hand at making tinctures. In addition, we’ll also enjoy making wild weed pesto. You’ll leave the class with the start of an edible and medicinal plant journal.