11/12 Journey of the Salmon (Hike)

Presenter: Rich Nawa
Dates: Presentation/Q&A – Friday November 11th, 6-7 PM
Field Hike – Saturday November 12th, 1-4 PM* (Registration Required)
Location: SFI
Tuition: FREE

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


Learn about the fascinating lives and journeys of salmon and related species in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll learn about the life cycles of these anadromous species (meaning fish that migrate from freshwater rivers to the ocean, and back again to spawn), as well as how to identify salmon spawning sites in streams. Join us for an evening program and Q&A at SFI, plus a hike the following day to see Chinook Salmon spawning in local Illinois Valley streams.

This registration page is for those wishing to join the field trip on Saturday November 12th. Please sign up below so we know how many people to expect on Saturday’s hike – registration is free!

Field day is easy (up to 1 mile of hiking).

Ages 12+ welcome.