09/09-11 An Immersive Marine Biology Experience

Instructor: Larry Basch
Date: 6 PM Friday Sept. 9 – 3 PM Sunday Sept. 11*
Location: Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston OR
Tuition: $275

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly


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You will be introduced to benthic (sea floor) and planktonic marine organisms, pelagic and shore birds, and marine mammals offshore of the Coos Bay and Cape Arago region, an area known for extremely high diversity. Use scientific tools to look at this marine biodiversity up close in the field on foot, offshore via research vessel, and in the laboratory. We will survey local species and habitats and ecological and oceanographic processes influencing organism form, function, interactions, survival and distribution. We will also discuss uses of marine resources by local communities, coastal tribes, and wildlife. This class will be an immersive, intensive experience.

Field day is easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking per day). Students need to be able to make observations using microscopes and binoculars, and be mobile on a moving vessel at sea and on wet, slippery rocks on shore.

Ages 12+ welcome.

Note on Lodging: This class will be based at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) in Charleston, OR. Lodging is not included with class registration. Limited lodging may be available on site, please contact OIMB directly to check availability (more info here).