09/03-4 Learn to Love those Latin Names

Instructor: Ann Willyard
Date: Saturday Sept. 3-Sunday Sept. 4, 9 AM-5 PM*
Location: SFI
Tuition: $135

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly



Using Latin names for plant species is critical for clear communication among botanists. You need those darned names to make a useful plant list, for example. But the naming system can be daunting to learn. This active course will provide you with a solid foundation that will empower you to find the currently accepted scientific name (even if you have only figured out the common name or an old name). We will practice pressing a plant specimen and making a proper label so your important collections could be submitted to an herbarium. We will also learn how theories of evolution, phylogenetics, the naming of plants, and the identification of plants intersect and affect each other. Based on the instructor’s new book: Learn to Love Those Latin Names.

Field day is easy (car travel with short stops, up to 1 mile of hiking per day).

Ages 12+ welcome.