09/11 Montane Conifers: Identification, Measurements, and Responses to Climate

Instructors: Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas & Dr. Rosemary Sherriff
Date: Saturday September 11, 9 AM-4:30 PM*
Location: SFI
Tuition: $70

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly



Gain a deeper understanding of our own regional forests, and how to better steward them, in this course focused on local montane conifers. Through classroom demonstration and local field hikes, this course will cover the basics of identifying common conifers, understanding forest health and fire vulnerability, and how to identify common forest pests. We will also explore how topography, geography, and climate influence tree distributions and their responses to drought, and learn about the methods used to evaluate these responses – such as stand density, tree-ring growth, and tree mortality/regeneration rates. Finally, learn about your instructors’ current research on trends in regional forest mortality and regeneration.

*Field hike is moderately difficult: 2-3 miles of hiking per day and/or climbs of up to 500 ft

*Covid-19 protocols in place. Masks required when not physically distanced.