07/08-10 Serpentine Plant Treasures of Mt. Eddy

Instructor: Dana York
Date: July 6, 7-8 PM (online)
7 PM July 8-Noon July 10* (field days)
Location: Weed, CA
Tuition: $20 online only, $300 full class (includes 2 nights lodging at Flowing Waters Retreat)

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly



At 9,037 feet, Mount Eddy is the highest peak in the Klamath Mountains. Be prepared to be enchanted by its dazzling botanical treasures while hiking to its summit. The serpentine habitat is home to an extraordinary number of wildflowers including some that are found nowhere else in the world, such as Mt. Eddy skypilot, as well as beautiful lakes and meadows. Saturday’s roundtrip hike is nearly 12 miles with a 2,400-foot gain in elevation at the summit. On Sunday morning, participants will see roadside rare plants and take a small hike north along the Pacific Crest Trail to see more rare plants and a plant that was until recently previously unknown to science!

Participants will have a virtual introduction prior to the hiking portion, which is also available for stand-alone registration. Registration for the full field course includes 2 nights lodging at the beautiful Flowing Waters Retreat at Mt. Shasta. 

Field day is strenuous (~12 miles of hiking, 2,000+ ft climbs, uneven terrain).

Ages 16+ welcome (please note if participant is under 18 when registering).