06/17 Coastal Marine Life

Instructor: Larry Basch, PhD
Date: Friday June 17th, 7:30 AM-1 PM*
Location: Port Orford, OR
Tuition: $65

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly



Join us in exploring the extremely diverse wet habitats and “bizarre” life forms dwelling along the ragged edge of Curry County’s wild rivers coast. You’ll meet many local ocean animals, plants, environments and issues. Become acquainted with the physical, biological and oceanographic processes influencing their form, function, interactions, survival and distribution. We’ll also discuss uses of these marine resources by wildlife, coastal tribes and communities throughout time. 

Field day is easy (up to 1 mile of hiking, the ability to scramble over and balance on wet, slippery rocks will be required for observing tidepool life)

Ages 12+ welcome.