06/14-16 Cascade-Siskiyou Butterflies & Diurnal Moths

Instructor: Dana Ross
Date: Tuesday June 14 – Thursday June 16, 8:30/9:30 AM-4:30 PM*
Location: SFI/Ashland, OR
Tuition: $195

*end time may vary slightly, please plan accordingly



Over 100 species of butterflies inhabit the Cascade-Siskiyou region. Gain an appreciation for the diversity of Cascade-Siskiyou butterflies, a keener eye to see them with, the ability to recognize common species, and get hands-on practice observing, netting, and identifying in the field. After a first day classroom introduction to butterflies – what they are, what they do, and the array of local species – we will carpool to the field daily to seek out butterflies in the Illinois Valley and at various Cascade-Siskiyou sites.

Field days are moderately difficult (1-3 miles of hiking per day and/or climbs of up to 500 ft). 

Ages 12+ welcome.