Naturalist Certificate

Our Naturalist Certificate program promotes deeper knowledge of Klamath-Siskiyou ecology.

If you’re in the job market, this certification can enhance your job skills and employability. If you’re retired, what you learn will enrich your life and volunteer experiences. Learn from expert interpreter/instructors, then pass along that natural science knowledge as an interpreter yourself. You can even contribute to community ecological knowledge by training as a citizen scientist through our Naturalist Certificate program.

Siskiyou Field Institute’s program provides a broad natural-history overview with specific learning experiences in four different categories: Species, Habitats, Ecological Processes and Skills. As you attend courses and comment on assigned readings, you’ll begin to recognize and understand this region’s unique flora, fauna and ecological processes.

How  it works: 

  • Enroll in the Naturalist Certificate program by paying a fee (currently $25)
  • We then mail you a series of supplemental readings. You will be required to report on these in writing.
  • Earn credits as you learn. Complete 50 hours of coursework with at least one field course in each category listed in the table attached as a pdf below.

Please note: Hours earned toward the certificate are in parentheses and may not match the hours you actually spend in the course.

We’ll be happy to assist in designing your program. Email us at or call 541-597-8530.

2020 Naturalist Certificate Table

Enroll in the Naturalist Certificate Program.